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Rhinovirus: I'm Coming For You

Asides from wearing a coat too thin to be suitable for the weather conditions you are currently in, waiting for ice cream to soften enough to eat and the alarm clock going off, battling a cold is the worst thing ever.
Don’t call me dramatic. I mean in the spectrum of this-really-isn’t-so-bad-there-is-worse-things-than-this-you-entitled-douchecake, a cold is up there. However, with regards to the real life problems people have it’s pretty miniscule.
Just let me be a westernized bum-nugget.
The reason I bring this particular topic of conversation up today is because I have been dealing with a cold for the last few days. Expect, it’s not a proper cold. A proper cold consists of a weird mix of symptoms that text-book-style arrive like that unwanted family member at Christmas who leaves a whole wake of hatred and resentment in the days after their visit. So,like your drunkard of a great uncle Malcolm arrives at christmas, eats cornflakes for breakfast with whisky, lives off of beans (as the f…

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