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I tried bullet journaling for a month

You know what I wish I was? Organised. Motivated. Put together. Basically somebody who has an aesthetic blog with a pinterest account and some other stuff.
What I am is kind of unmotivated, slightly gassy and obsessed with strung LED lights. They are everywhere. Having just done a count there are 13 sets in my room alone. What do I do with them all you ask? Fill them with batteries and marvel at just how pretty they are.
Anyway, in my efforts to become one of the people I mentioned at the beginning of this train wreck post, I decided to give bullet journaling a go. For anybody who has no idea what this is, it’s not as violent as the name suggests. It’s supposed to be a rather quick and easy version of writing in a planner or diary that is completely customised to you, gives you an excuse to use the hoard of notebooks you have acquired and allows you to be slightly artistic in the process.
I’ve never kept a diary because, like I mentioned, I am rather unmotivated. I think I even tried on…

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